Friday, June 18, 2010

Getting Excited!

Sue Sykes will be in the studio sharing her SLR knowledge with us NEXT WEEK!!! Can't Wait! I have been playing with my SLR camera settings and sometimes come out with great photos -- I'll say that again .... SOMETIMES come out with great photos. I can't wait to learn about those settings so great picture taking isn't such a fluke! LOL

If you'd like to join us -- I do have limited space available in the class. The all day class (lunch included) is $65. Click here for details

I am looking forward to hosting a June Card Workshop this morning and then I have some girls joining me for a night of creativity tonight in the studio!! I've decided I'm going to get the paints out again and create a 24x48 canvas for my living room at home. I'm on a mission!! ....and will be sure to post pics! I have spent the last couple of days re-organizing and cleaning the studio so my workspace is calling me!!

Have a fabulous day!

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