Saturday, February 06, 2010

Thanks Valentine!!

I received the most beautiful card in the mail yesterday from Scotland! No, not Scotland, Ontario... I mean Scotland - Scotland ... in the UK!

My Valentine, Alexandra, sent me a beautiful Valentine card as part of a Valentine Swap on the Wendy Vecchi Yahoo Group I'm a part of. (I will ask her if it's all right to post her Valentine here .... and will post it on the 14th if it's okay) Anyway, along with the fabulous card, she sent some pre-stamped GrungePaper (stamped with some of Wendy's stamps), a tag, some paper and a stamped piece of cardstock ... The cardstock was stamped with the same rose image that she used on my card.
Excited to receive my first swap item from this group... I thought I'd create something with the items she sent.
THANK YOU VALENTINE!!! I love it! This was the first time I bleached my paper.... fun technique! Thanks for the inspiration!


Alexandra said...

Hi Karin, I love what you've made with the bits I sent you. I'm new to bleaching technique too but was delighted with the result. It's a hit or a miss, as you never know the colour the bleaching will leave. This card stock was perfect for the rose image I thought. The stamped image is from a UK company "elusive images", I love their stamps. Yes, it's fine to post a picture of the Valentine project I sent you. I'm glad you liked it

from "Bonny Scotland"

Alexandra said...

So sorry, I mis-spelled your name Karen. I think I've had this spelling in my head for a while, so I've managed to do this on a few occasions, on EWV group too.
Again apologies, I know it's annoying when people do this.

Wanda H said...

A gorgeous tag!!!!