Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Some Market Finds....

I know, it's Tuesday.... and it's ASK KAREN day... but I will have to post that tomorrow. I was in the States this morning to pick up some CHA orders (nope, no stamps yet.... I'll let you know) and was a little late getting back to the studio. I'll get the ASK KAREN stuff together and photographed when I get to the studio tomorrow and will post if for you then.... Sorry dedicated fans :)

BUT... I do have a little something to share with you.

I was in Barrie Sunday to watch the SuperBowl with my Dad .... but earlier that afternoon I skipped out to do a little Antique Market Shopping at the 400 Market. I was THRILLED to see the amount of PostCards, Vintage Photos and Ephemera they had there. Yep... I will be back.

Check out the stash I did pick up:

You'll see lots of fun turn of the century (as in 1900) postcards, a Music Book, promo materials for a builder in the 50s, some buttons, charms, ephemera, old stamps -- YEP I got a hull. I can't wait to look up some of those postcards online and get a little history on them. That's my favourite thing about collecting them: finding ones I like and then learning about them - THEN I will scan and make art with them. Yippee!


I have been searching for the perfect book to create an art journal with. I wanted to have the spine say something that reflected what I want to put on the inside. I've been looking on and off for a few months and then presto!!!

The spine reads: A Woman's Heart and other Stories (De Maupassant - c1951).

How perfect is that for a personal journal? SOLD! It had to come home with me.

And look at what else I found!!

My mother remembers this book ... and I have heard it mentioned by others. Many women were introduced to their "monthly bill" via this informational pamphlet by Kotex. LOL, gotta love it! Do you remember it?
I LOVE this page -- on the left things you can do when you have your period, on the right -- things you shouldn't do! Basically you can clean yourself but don't do sports. WOW... how fun. The how to attach your pad to the belt page was a memorable one too! :)

I may be showing my age now but... I wasn't given the above like my mother... I was given this:

LOL..... Maybe I should have used this book for my journal -- NAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Enjoy! Now go make art!


Artyjen said...

Love your finds....we don't have any antique shops in out little town but we do have charity shops (shops run by charities as commercial fund raising ventures....just in case there is no such thing over the pond) they seem so be full of junk though....and not useful junk at that!!! LOL

Karen Ellis said...

LOL... useful junk! LOL
We have charity shops here too. Yes, you're right- not a lot of useful junk like that there. :)