Monday, October 02, 2006

Okay, Okay

Better Late than never....Right?? Sorry I have been "tardy" posting on my blog. I have been busy busy busy and it seems that the blog posts get pushed to the "to do" pile. Sorry Ladies (and any gents out there reading this too) I will be sure to make a better effort to keep this baby up to date! I promise!

Go Scrapping had its first 2006 Fall Day Crop on Sept 23 in Cambridge. What a blast! It was great to see everyone after a summer of picture taking and I was thrilled to meet 24 new Go Scrapping Croppers at this event. I "crowned" two new groupies (Yahoo!!) and "promoted" Leesa and Mat to "Platinum Groupie Status" too. Jen and I took pictures during the event and will post them on the Go Scrapping Website as soon as I get them (we used Jen's camera that day).

I was at the London Scrapbook Expo this weekend. I was there to help Hannah (Scrapping Turtle) at her booth. It was a great show with a really great attendance. Congratulations to the organizers!

After the show I went to Leesa's Birthday Party. I won't tell you how old she is (she'd kill me if I did)I will say that I was thrilled to be invited!! It was so nice to see the "groupie posse " in their homes, meet their scrubbys and see the scrap lair :) Thanks again for the invite -- I had a FANTASTIC time!!

This is going to be another hectic week. My DH is going to the trailer for the week with his dad and brother. Some nice Father/Son bonding time. DH and FIL went to the trailer this time last year as well. Looks like this may become a annual tradition for the Ellis men. I'm glad. It's good for them -- and it gets DH out of my hair LOL.....Just kidding *sort of* ;)

I am teaching a card class at Simply Scrapping on Tuesday. Looking forward to getting back into the teaching mode again. I just love it! And the Barrie Day Crop and the CreativFestival are just around the corner so I will be working on getting everything ready for those events too! Yahoo!!

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Judy B said...

Glad to see you posting again!!
The crop was great and London was great too. It was so nice to see lots of people there.