Sunday, December 20, 2015

Working the Leia Buns.....

I had some yarn left over from my little tacky sweater adventure with the Crochet Crowd so I thought I'd make myself some "Leia buns" to wear to Star Wars VII last night.    I've seen this done before but this video by Mark Montano gave me the kick in the pants to do it too....  Next time??   I'll be sure to have more yarn on hand to make BIGGER Buns -- BUT ...   there was just enough to make my little homage.  Giggles

Where are my buns now? The kid took them home with her to show them to her roommates.  Even the hubby wore them for a while - I'd say they were a hit!!  Perhaps next time I'll try the Wookie paws! *wink*

TIP - I used some of our Adhesive Backed Felt to stick to the plastic headband and to wrap the finished yarn braids on.   Worked perfectly and much less messy!!!   ...and I used the Brother ScanNCut to create perfectly sized cut circles.  The felt cut BEAUTIFULLY!!!   Yippee!

Have a creative weekend everyone!

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