Saturday, October 03, 2015

A Wine Welcome

I had a ton of fun experimenting with a new technique on Thursday night's ustream broadcast.

Inspired by my friend Sheri who introduced me to the art of Jenni Horne...  I created this Wine Welcome using one of her techniques -- sketching a design on black canvas with chalk and then painting around the chalk lines  - -- once the paint's dry, wipe away the chalk.   SO FUN   Can't wait to do more with my florals and perhaps some portraits???  hummm...   my thinker is thinking!

During my ustream broadcast, one of the people watching mentioned trying this technique with PanPastels  in the new Dylusions Black Creative Journal!!   My first thought...  that I mentioned online was to remember that the pastel will smudge so it might not be the best medium to try on the black cover.    THEN, after the broadcast I realized...  the pages inside the journal are black too!  OMG!!  Yes, I'm in heaven!!  I will most definitely be doing more of these in my new journal.   And trying the PanPastel too! *wink*


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