Monday, January 26, 2015

Fairy Mini Canvas using DecoArt Media - USTREAM

I had fun, if not a klutzy night, last Thursday on USTREAM when I created this cute little mini canvas using the DecoArt Media line.

This was my first time really getting a chance to play with the new products - testing them out - seeing what they can do.   I quite liked them and am super excited to have a permanent spray in my craft arsenal!

I mentioned in the recording that Andy Skinner had a DecoArt video about the Media Misters (find that video here) where he showed care and maintenance for them.  Essentially he attaches the mister nozzle to another mister bottle with clean water in it and spritzed until the spray runs clear.  A couple of the girls on the stream didn't like "wasting" the paint in the nozzle.   I personally don't find it wasteful...  it prevents clogging (and extra expense when the nozzle stops working), you can use this spray directly in your journals AND you can use sprayed paper towels in future projects by adhering them with gel medium.   I think these would be FABULOUS on a canvas or in my journal!  

Anyway - I'm looking forward to learning more about these products and using them in my art.
Stay creative!!

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