Wednesday, January 29, 2014

2 Videos for you today - both using the ScanNCut

What a crazy USTREAM broadcast I did on Friday!
I was gifted a bag of dyed paper towels by someone who left them next door at the chocolate shop (Alyssa, was it you??? :) ) and I decided to try using them with the ScanNCut to create something fun:  A decorative table topper/plate ...  it can hang too *wink*
The paper towels were ironed flat and then to an iron on stabilizer and then cut by the ScanNCut Machine.
The cut pieces were adhered with Golden's Regular Gel Matte and then outlined with Viva Colour's Graphite Paper Pen to give it a stained glass look.  I then poured some resin over the top of the board to protect it and make it shine.  So fun!

Here is that USTREAM live broadcast:

I wanted to showcase, in a little more detail, how I cut the pieces with the Brother ScanNCut machine so I decided to cut another quilt pattern but this time with paper.

Here is the card front I created with the machine and some 7 Dots Studio 9th Wave Scrapbook Paper and the step by step video of me creating it.   Hope you enjoy

Have a creative day!

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