Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Watercoloured Magnets - USTREAM

I had a great time playing with my art supplies on Friday Night's USTREAM.  LOVE how my stamped magnets turned out!

These are "Twinchie" stamps by Catherine Scanlon that I stamped on 90lb Tiziano Watercolour Paper and then coloured with some TWINKS from LuminArte.  I mounted them on some heavy chipboard and then gave them a nice coat of Resin before letting them set overnight.

Once set, I mounted them on an adhesive Magnet Sheet and then trimmed them with a Black Viva Colour Pearl Pen.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.....

Did you notice the twinchie in the top left corner?  I put a Bail Mount on it and then lined it with some felt --  can you say "perfect pendant?"   I might just be wearing that soon *wink*

Here is the video of me creating these resin-coated magnets on USTREAM.   ENJOY

FYI - for those who wanted to know which Twinkling H20 colours I used...  This is what was in my palette:
Kiwi, Wisteria, Spiced Pumpkin, Ginger Peach, Sunburst, Mystique, Mediterranean Blue, Wine & Roses, Wild Blueberry, Stargazer, Rich Cobalt, Bolivian Blue, Ice, Dreamsicle, Love Struck

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Jill said...

These are GORGEOUS! I'm loving inchies, twinchies and rinchies these days. And using Twinks just gives such a "pop" of richness! Great job on these! Love them!