Saturday, February 16, 2013

Some lettering love with Joanne Sharpe

So excited to have the artful letter'er herself - Joanne Sharpe come to the Art House Studio to teach some classes.   YAY!!  Welcome Joanne!

Joanne came in last night in time for my Ustream Broadcast so we decided to do a little "dog and pony show"  ...  here it is.   Do you think we had fun?? *smile*

I will post the finished Art House Canvas when it's finished......

We have a full class today --  and having fun!!

Looking forward to tonight's class...  and tomorrow's too!  
I'll post more pics on our Facebook Page.

Hope you're having a creative day!!


Christy Hartman said...

Wow! When can I come and play.

Karen Ellis said...

Anytime!!! Smile*