Saturday, July 28, 2012

USTREAM follow up - Karen's "Barbie" Canvas

Okay -- I had so much fun creating for the sake of creating this week!!
On USTREAM last night I showed the "gals" a canvas I prepped that had a PaperClay figure if a woman dried and ready to go.   I "decoupaged" papers on her (had the background already done....  and then ...  cause I was going through a little bit of Anna Dabrowska withdrawl, I collaged her skirt in Anna's style.   Here's a closeup of it:

 And here is the USTREAM vid of me doing it.

Video streaming by Ustream
After the cameras stopped recording, I started the body.

I used Flower Soft for the sweater - hate using that stuff but love the effect so I suffered through it. LOL.  Added bits of lace to trim it  - Perfect!!  I was so happy how it came together!

Next came the face.
I am such a novice at faces but I am pretty happy how this turned out.
I molded the face with the clay before it dried so I had the shape of it predetermined for me (including a little sunken area for each eye creating a ridge for her nose.)   That helped a lot.

From there it was all about the shading.  I painted her with a combination of Acrylic Paints and Gellatos.  There's a little Luminarte Silks there in there too.

Here's another view - you can sort of see the dimension
I loved the girl but didn't love the background - AT FIRST
Today I had a group in the studio playing and they can attest that the background changed multiple times.   IN FACT...   I added the bubble wrap and splatter effects AFTER they left today. I just couldn't let it go -- But I am MUCH happier now. :)  Hehe

Here is what she looks like ... for now *wink*

I'm thinking I need to frame her a bit more -- I'll let you know what I do when I do it.
So - whatcha think of Barbie?  hehe

Hope you have a creative day


Keren Tamir said...

Karen I love it!! great idea and love Anna's inspiration in it!!

Karen Ellis said...

thanks kiddo!! :)

Cheryl said...