Friday, April 11, 2008

Hours to Go before Scrapfest!

Thursday night at the Aud was starting to Buzzzzzz... A few of the vendors came to set up their booth racks, tables and shelves, goodie bags were being stuffed and I was there to check out the crop area and do some basic planning.

What a great venue!! Can't wait!

Congratulations to Deb B -- Winner of a Scrapfest package in including cropping, shopping and a class through a contest on CHYM FM. Deb has been to Go Scrapping Events and I am thrilled to see her again at VIP night.

Another "Go Scrapping" winner.... Congratulations Denise D. Winner of a online contest that was run on the Scrapfest website ( last week. She is winning a Scrapfest Prize Package -- I happen to know that those Packages are FABULOUS!! I know she is going to enjoy it!!

See you all at SCRAPFEST!!!!! I'll be the one on the Mic in the Crop Room!!

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