Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What a Great Start to Our First Online Crop!!

Last night from 7-11Pm EST Go Scrapping Launched its first online crop with tons of games and challenges!!! What an evening! Everyone seemed to have a great time.

I thought I would create a list of last night's winners here for all to see in one place. Congrats to the winners! I have also included a sampling of the FLASH Challenges (challenges people had a 1 hour time limit to complete and post) here too! Enjoy! And thanks to all who participated and to Judy and Nancy (my fabulous Design Team) who helped create some fabulous challenges and games and PRIZES!!


Nancy's WORD GAME (Anagrams and Descriptive Synonyms)WINNER - Rosanne

RAK POTATO (Cyber Space's version of Hot Potato):
RAK 1 – Lori
RAK 2 – Amber (kauri)
RAK 3 – Eccentric*elle
RAK 4 – Lynn (limmer)
RAK 5 – Susan
RAK 6 - Melissa

Scrapping BINGO (Had a 4 way tie!!!)
First to "Call Bingo" - Tracey (mom2maya)
Prizes also go to - Amber (kauri), Ava (cottagerca), Rosanne

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