Friday, March 23, 2007

Hello All..
One more day until the Waterloo Crop! Can't wait to see you there. I know there is a lot of buzz on "the boards" about this crop! Woop Woop I'll be sure to post details and pics on the Go Scrapping Website ...and here too... after the event!

I did my LSS "rounds" yesterday!! I kept running into Catherine and Kerri (Co Founder and Editor of Scrapbook & Cards Today Magazine)! They were in the area visiting stores celebrating the magazines 1 year anniversary! Congratulations SCT!! The New Issue Looks FANTASTIC! I was touring the stores, picking up door prizes for Saturday, Crop Tickets, etc Saw a lot of people stocking up for the weekend! There were a lot of Great Sales goin on!! Can't beat that!!

I have been thinking about scrapbooking my University Days lately!! In the last week I have been contacted and spoken to people I haven't chatted with in years! Brings back so many memories. My friend Rich (who also one of the Dons at rez in Calumet) emailed saying that he wanted to start an alumni space on Facebook ( - How great is that? I signed up right away and emailed a few others that I had emails for and now we are chatting again!! YAY!! A couple days later, York University contacted me because I have been active at the university since graduating in '96. On March 21 they launched a new online networking site for alumni called York inCommon ( Holy Cow!! We're all coming out of the "woodwork" and I can't be happier! I smell a get together in works!! Must break open those old photos and get scrapping!!

So...fellow bloggers - Here is my challenge to you: Post a school memory (or itemisze a bunch) that helped defined who you are today! There must be lots!!
Here are some of my All Time Favs:

- Hot Tub Pubs "On the Edge"
- Charity Casino Nights
- Theme Nights at the Pub (Okay... I was a pub manager so there are lots of these :)) Halloween, Super Bowl, Pool Tournaments, Academy Awards Night....)
- ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW 1991(That goodness I didn't have to clean up after that!)
- Concerts!! One act we brought in was Amanda Marshall!!
- Bootstrap (the computer lab) hang out when I wasn't in the pub! And for a lot of ALL Nighters!
- Calumet Bowling Team - Yep, I admit it! It was a HOOT!
- I (with a couple of friends)started FUSS (Federation of Urban Studies Students)
- Faculty Meetings (Very eye opening) Yep... I was the student rep in the Urban Studies Faculty Meetings
- Two most Fav Profs ever - Jon Caulfield, Engin Isen! Fabulous Classes!
- Everything Calumet!! YAY Cougars!

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Canadian Girl said...

I CAN'T WAIT!! I'm pretty much packed up ready to go!!! Just getting the last minute things!!! WOOHOO!!!! This is my first Go Scrapping crop...I'm so excited!!! Should be fun! I'm gonna post on my blog too tomorrow night (or maybe Sunday! Depending on how tired I am...10 hours is a lot of scrapbooking!!!) Hope to get a lot done!!!