Monday, August 21, 2006

Eat. Sleep. Scrap!

Well, I am here at my summer home -- the Holiday Inn on wheels --and I am sans kid and hubby. How perfect is that?? Eat Sleep Scrap takes on whole new meaning :)

I have been having a relaxed time chatting on the Go Scrapping Message Board and Scrapping (of course). I am working on samples for the classes I will be teaching at Simply Scrapping, Layout Designs for the new Go scrapping Project Kits and my own stuff of course. How awesome is that?

I really love working at the trailer and the change of scenery. It is so quiet here during the week and I am scrapping to the sounds of the birds and the tree frogs (mixed in with the dull drone of the TV -- Hey, I love it at the trailer but you can't take me too far out of the city :) ) This is my last week here for the summer. My sister is having Gastric Bypass Surgery next week in Rochester. I am going to stay with her until labour day to help her out post-surgery. Should be an interesting week - to say the least. I will be able to enjoy the trailer weekends until Thanksgiving so I won't go into trailer withdrawal too much :) This will be the first labour day weekend that I have missed here since we became seasonal trailer goers. Oh well, there is always next year :) Besides, I'll still be able to scrap...just in a hotel room in another country -- talk about a change of scenery!!


Rosanne said...

Hey, sounds like you're having a great time! Enjoy your 'alone' time.

share said...

good luck and lots of postive thoughts heading towards you and your sisters surgery!!! sounds like a very serene time alone there with nature and your sb goodies!!! xoxo

jenn said...

sounds like the trailer is the place to be! Sending you prayers for you sis :)