Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm a STAR!!

hehehehehe.... At least I was treated like one!
Yep, that's me - behind American Craft TV personality Terri O during a shoot for an hour long Making Memories Slice infomercial. Too Fun!

I received a phone call yesterday morning from Kelly Ehrlich - as lovely gal whom I met at outside the show Tuesday Morning. We had a nice chat in which she asked if I would be intersted in being on camera for an informercial spot... ummm... Heeeellllooooo? Let me think about this.... SURE! She took my card and cell number and said she'd call me later that day when she knew more about their schedule. I didn't hear from her Tuesday and thought oh well, I guess she didn't need me -- then, at 8:30 the next morning the phone rang. "We're starting to film in the hour. you still interested?" Absolutely! I was excited!

I showed up at the MM Booth and Roxie (the ever talented make up guru hired for the shoot) sat me in her chair and touched me up! What a fun experience.... and, considering the humidity... I'd love to know her no shine secret .... I digress.

A group of 5 of us were asked to be her "audience" and watch her do a demo. We were just asked to be "reactive" hehehehe... wrong thing to tell me!! :) I really had to tone it down .. my expressiveness that is ;) Talk about fun. Helen (one of the girls I posted about in an earlier blog) was one of the 5 too. What luck! It was great talking to her again -- between takes that is :)

Later that day I was called back (touched up again... hair too :) ) to do a 15 minute one on one on-camera interview for the show. I am sure they'll take bits and pieces from what I said and edit it in appropriately. I did get asked a lot of questions about what I did so Go Scrapping Studio and Retreats got a lot of plugs -- I just hope they don't edit all that out. If hey do, oh well.... I had a blast and would do that again any day!

Kelly said she wanted to stay in touch and that she may have something in mind. I hope so. I'm there if she needs me! ...with bells on! Thanks for the opportunity, Kelly!! I really appreciate it!

Lots and lots more to tell you..... I will blog again soon.
That's a wrap!! :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wow.. time flies on the show floor

Day 1 on the CHA Summer Show floor.

Things are quiet here this year. The show itself is a lot smaller. Some of your favourite larger companies like Fiskars, EK Success, etc are not here and the people who are here have cut down their booth space but, let's be honest - there are not as many retailers here either. What does that mean for me ... I'm thrilled because everyone has time to chat and get to know each other. Its fabulous and I am having a GREAT time.

I spent most of my day today chatting with designers and vendors. Mylene from Mill Lane Studio in Australia and her wonderful husband, Michelle Zimmerman and Helen - A wonderful funky artist who I have seen and been in awe over her creations in my mixed media mags for a while now.. they are great. Bonnie from Ranger personally took my order and spent an hour with me during that time asking questions out the studio and what we do. I love talking about what we do and I was honoured that people were interested and I love hearing about what they are up to as well. Its lovely.

Lara Brooks is here. We ran into each other quite a bit on the show floor. So is Katharina Doyle and Leica Forrest from The Canadian Scrapbooker (Lara, as you may know, does lots for them too...). I was thrilled when I got a text to join them for a Disney run after the show. What a blast! Thanks girls. Kelly urich just called.. looks like I may be in a Making Memories infomercial :) hehe.... I am to film that later Wednesday morning.... hehe All is good here :) Bring it!!

Lucy from Simply Scrapping is here. So are Hannah and Lori form the Turtle. We've been bumping into each other.... and Lucy and I are tag teaming a couple of things -- so exciting!! I can't wait to reveal!! Which I will when I have more time... PROMISE

I did the make n take at Ranger when I was at their booth. We made this necklace with Claudine Hellmuth's Studio Paints and Sticky Back Canvas which I have in the studio! So sweet. And yes, this is Suze Weinberg doing some Melt Art demoing.... you know how much I love that! *wink*

I have a busy busy Wednesday ahead of me so I'd better go.
Blog soon --- Be crafty!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Education Day!

Yes, that would be me, Tim Holtz and Wendy Vecchi.
I was so happy to be a part of "Distressing the Holidays" a Tim Holtz class sponsored by Ranger. What a wonderful class and yes, as much as I love and use this product.... I did manage to learn a thing or two !! I love creative minds! So inspiring. Thank you Tim for the great class and Wendy for being a Fabulous TA!! Lucy from Simply Scrapping and I took the course and loved it to pieces!!

Who wouldn't..... check out the product on that table -- and yep, with the exception of the ink and blending tools -- It all comes home with me. Nope... paws off!! I'm keeping this stuff! *wink* Maybe I'll share.

Wanna see what we made?? Love this Grunge mini book. I am going to cost this out.... I think this may show up as a class at the November Retreat in London.... hummmm... what do you think? Wanna take a class like this?? Tim said we were welcome to teach it -- so... I think I will!!! Maybe I'll even offer it at the studio. Let me know if you are interested. We just did the covers of this book but trust me... its FULL of inking and embellishing techniques -- You'll be thrilled!! We even used the NEW Rock Candy Stickles and the NEW Crackle Medium -you'll Lurve it. Wait?? Do you think I liked it?

On a side note: Look Kelly...
Tim is using vintage music papers now too!!! I feel so trendy!! How did he know that's my creative signature!

After Tim's class I went to an educational seminar and a retailer networking event. I saw people I knew and got the chance to chat with them and a few other wonderful retailers and designers from the states and even Australia. Got lots of great ideas that I can take home with me. That's what its all about after all!

For dinner I nibbled some goodies at the "taste of Orlando" event held by the association and then went to a couple of product launch parties. All in all a GREAT day.... Looking forward to walking the show floor tomorrow. Don't worry. I'll bring my camera!

Blog soon!
Well, it's been a great weekend.... The rain Gods (although working overtime) decided to cooperate with the Highland Games in Uxbridge this weekend -- the Heavy Events at least. The rains came when we took lunch breaks and right AFTER the games ended. Phew... what a relief! Thank you rain people. Now go away already!! ;)

It was a good weekend working with my dad (right in photo). I always enjoy working with the Heavy Events. My dad has been involved with different games since he was 19 ... yep, over 40 years - so I grew up with them as part of my life. Always good to be a part of something!

I am tired though...
I went straight from the games field to the airport and caught a "delayed" flight to Orlando for CHA. Let's just say when I opened the door to my hotel room and saw these pillows I started to drool :) I gotta get some sleep now. A big day tomorrow (today). I have a class with Tim Holtz, a couple of seminars, a dinner and a launch party hosted by SEI later in the evening. It's gonna be good.

Keep checking my blog. I will blog my CHA experience as often as I can. SO exciting!!!!!!
Night all! :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ils sont faits...

I finished creating a bunch of cards here at the trailer yesterday (I can't post them yet . More on why this fall) -- rainy days are good for staying in and scrapping. Judging by the weather forecast, there should be lots of scrapping happening over the next few days. I hope you're all spending your days doing something creative and/or inspiring!

I am off to Barrie tomorrow. There is a mini-reunion of people I went to highschool with at one of the local watering holes. Should be fun! I'm looking forward to it.

This weekend is the Uxbridge (Highlands of Durham) Highland Games. I am going with my dad to do the stat work for the heavy events. I have been doing stat work for these since I was 12. It's a summer "thing" we do. This year there are a lot of athletes in Scotland so our field will be small but I am excited to be there with my pops doing something that we love - well, he loves. I just love being with him. :) *awe shucks* :)

Nope, my plans aren't done yet... I go straight from the field in Uxbridge to the airport. CHA is next week in Orlando!!! I am so excited! ...I can do without the humidity BUT, perhaps this is where I will finally find summer *wink* Not that I haven't been enjoying the cooler than normal temperatures - I've just been missing the sun. I could use a good bask in vitamin D.

I am taking a course by Tim Holtz, have an invitation to a SEI launch party, taking another course sponsored by Kandi (the company that makes the wax stylus tool that I use and sell in the studio) will be attending some seminars, nibbling on local cuisine, doing some ordering..... and yes, I think I may find the time to play a bit too! Question is ...where should I do that? Any suggestions? *big smile*

I will be blogging while I'm away. So keep an eye out for the updates and show highlights! Looking forward to sharing it with you!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

3 White Puffs

I got a little creative last night.

The 3 White Puffs are Mozart and his little friends Mini and Buttons :) The three of them play so well together and get so excited when the see and hear each other coming.. it's so cute.

I got some inspiration from the same Sommerset Studio mag (Gallery, Summer 2009) that I've been reading and got busy :) This is a canvas but it certainly can be looked at like a paper layout. That is how I approached it. Just insert pattern paper instead of painting.. It's all good.

I think I will keep adding to this -- I have it hanging on the wall in my trailer while I decide what to do next. I like to do that. I find that if you are not sure if you like something, or think that needs a little something more but aren't sure what that is.... its best to leave it, hang it and ponder for a while. You never know. It just may grow on ya.

Hope you're being creative this summer.....

Monday, July 20, 2009

Creativity is everywhere!

I always knew our puppy Mozart was inspiring... but I thought I was the only one he inspired. Turns out my little pup-ster inspires others as well.

Meet one of the campers at the park this week. She came up to me as I was walking Mo tonight to show me her creation.

The group that she is here with does fun camp skits and things around the campfire every night. She was going to be involved in a 60s themed skit later this week and decided she would attempt to make 3 poodle skirts for her and the other ladies in the skit. She came up to me to let me know that Mo was her inspiration-- every time she saw us walk by she quickly sketched Mo... she went to one of the resale places around here and found some fake fur and this is what she came up with! So fun.

See!! You can find creativity EVERYWHERE!
Way to go, little man. Keep inspiring! ....and thanks for showing me your creation today! Enjoy the skit!


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Inspiration comes alive...

Morning Campers! :)

Remember I said I was getting my paInts out Thursday night. Well, this is what I created. I think I may still add a subtle sentiment on the left side and maybe a butterfly image too... but overall. I am thrilled with this.

Inspired by an article by Sharon Tomlinson in the current issue of Sommerset Studio Gallery, I decided to go out of my box a little and actually paint a face. Wow. I am getting mighty daring in my old age *wink*

Sharon's Mini Sister Wood Paintings looked so stunning in the mag that even my daughter took up the call and did a sketch. She even gave me a little lesson in proportion that she learned in school -gotta love that bonding moment! Emily loved the stylized paints of girls faces. At first she was shocked that they weren't more realisitic -- but then again, I think she was just trying to impress me with her portrait sketching knowledge (haha) but after the lecture she got busy sketching this while in the car at the drive-in waiting for the Harry Potter movie to start. Yep -- that's my kid :)

So, here we are at the trailer... I have some cards to create for the next cookout and a little "assignment" I received (more on that later) and next week is CHA! Wow, that's coming up fast! Looking forward to it! Oooooo... the possibilities!

Oh!! Oh!!.. I also have a little pair of flip flops to create something with for the Dollar Store Club and a few things to do for the next Y camp....this is going to be a fun week :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

There be cookouts happening!!

...and not just here at the trailer!

Last Saturday, I hosted a Creative Card Cookout in the studio.
I created 4 cards and a cute little gift bag for the ladies to make -- and make they did!! On average the ladies left with 12 cards and bags EACH! Yep, that's how many they created in the 2.5 hour workshop. All that for $20!! WOW. Now that's a party! ;)

MARK YOUR CALENDARS: I will host another cookout on Saturday August 15 from 11:30 - 2. Five New Cards and two and a half hours of creating fun..... I hope you can join us. Please email me or leave a message on the studio phone (519 954 6620) to reserve your space with us. Looking forward to it!! I'll post more on this later... with images! I promise!

I really want to post Sheri's Dollar Store Item but we will have to wait until Saturday when Sheri is at the studio so she can take a picture of it for us. I don't have a photo of it here on my computer.... Sorry for the delay but I promise you it's worth the wait!! The kids from the Y Camp named her project. Yes, they thought it was "way cool" too. I will post the image as soon as I have it.

Speaking of images :)

Take a look at my spending spree. oooohhh aaahhhhh ... just think of the stamping possibilities we will have at the studio. These stamps, along with many others will be available to rent and use at the studio. Yep.. more to come. I think I am going a little nuts *wink*
Tomorrow Harry Potter opens at a theatre near you.... Any bets on whether or not I'll be at the Drive-In? I'll have to do something to celebrate!
Hope you're having a great week!

Monday, July 13, 2009

It's been a week??

Wow! I can't believe I let my blogging exploits go for a whole week!!
Many apologies! I was a busy busy girl.

First, let me say that I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the kids from the YMCA Day Camp. They were a FABULOUS group of kids!! Every one very creative. I love watching children create. They are fearless -- they commit to what they are doing without hesitation. Really inspiring! I have to admit that a couple of those kids did some things in their books I never would have thought of and, if the truth be told, you will see them in my future creations! :) I LOVED how one of the kids plucked the petals from a flower to create a line border, and I loved how free another one of the kids was with the roller stamps. She created some fun and funky designs. There was a crimped quilt page, some pop out elements.... wow! Such fun. Thanks guys!! I know I will be seeing 3 of those kids again at next month's camp and I hope to see the other kids at other events soon too. I'm really looking forward to August!

The Dollar Store Club met last Wednesday evening. Sheri and I shared what we had done with our dollar store item (cause the other members were either new to us or didn't get theirs completed. shame shame *wink* ...yes, mine was only started as well.... hehe) and then we got right down to business -- I taught them the basics of Image Transferring.

Kelly brought a picture of her own but the rest of us chose an image from a 1954 magazine that I had laying around the studio. There are some VERY fun pictures in old periodicals that work wonderfully for transferring. Take a look at what you have around the house -- you never know what you may find.
What do you need for image transferring??
  • An image that is "toner" based. Essentially anything from a magazine or newspaper or laser printer can be used. Ink Jet images won't work -- just a tip.
  • Matte Medium (I have some on sale at the studio if you are in need. A 4 oz jar is just over $5 and a 16oz jar s $11.75.... just sayin' :) )
  • A paint brush to apply the medium
  • Something to apply the medium to - canvas, paper, paper mache box, prepped wood.... (we used canvas)
  • A little water -- I love spritzing it with my mini misters
that's it...
Here's how it works: Apply a generous amount of Matte Medium to your project base. I like to apply it with a brush - brushing it on in one direction and then the other to ensure a nice coating. Then, place your image face down into the wet Matte Medium and use your finger to secure it to the project base. Let dry. Once the medium is dry, spritz it was a little bit of water and gingerly remove the pulp of the paper with your finger in a circular motion. Be careful with it -- You will have to play with the pressure you use. Too hard and you risk removing the image with the pulp and we don't want that!. You will have to spritz and rub numerous times before the image is completely exposed BUT.... you will love the result!
We used acrylic paints and perfect pearls to embellish our canvas..... Look at the girls first image transferring projects!! Aren't they great??!!

WARNING... this is addicting! And, like all things, practice makes perfect. Enjoy the process ladies!! Have fun! If you ave any questions -- feel free to email me or come see Sheri or I in the Studio on Saturdays this summer. Love to see you! (Sue, Amber, Rosanne: We missed you this month. Let me know if you would like to do this with me later -- you missed a fun project!! *wink*)

Next month's item: Flip Flops... or your choice!! Create your art and bring it to the next meeting AUGUST 19. Show and tell starts at 7pm. New members are always welcome. We will go back to meeting on the first Wednesday of the month in the Fall....

If you or another group of ladies are interested in the Dollar Store Club but can't make the Wednesday night group, feel free to contact me. I have had a lot of interest in this club and would love to start up another club night. Just let me know! Meeting dues are $10/month (plus tax, unfortunately) I hope you join us! We have a blast.

I will post more about my week tomorrow.... :) And hopefully I will find a picture of Sheri's Dollar Store project. It's amazing!!!

For the girls who saw the start of mine... I was altering a book to hold my glasses... I finished part of it. It's pretty funky -- but I had fun! I'll post more when it is completely finished! Consider it my labour of love :)

Enjoy today... it's beautiful out!!

Monday, July 06, 2009

And so it begins :)

I had a FABULOUS morning with the kids from the YMCA Day Camp!! A really nice bunch of creative kids!!!

The bus dropped them off by 9:30 this morning and picked them up just after noon. We spritzed, punched, cut and created some pretty amazing Books of Me! We will be working on them tomorrow too... and possibly Wednesday as well. Gotta get out that glitter :)

Take a peek at the work... from a birds-eye-view -- after much of the clean up :) it was pretty creatively messy in here earlier. Can't wait for the glitter tomorrow :)
There are spaces available in the August camp. Contact the KW YMCA for details!! I'd love to be part of your kid's camp experience!
Now that the kids have left for the day, I am going to clean up and create my own work. I have to finish my DOLLAR STORE Project!
The Dollar Store Club meets Wednesday night and I have some fun things planned. We have two new members too!!! Maybe even three!!! Can't wait!! We will be doing the much anticipated image transferring!! ooooohhhhh aaaaahhhhhh! I'll fill you in more tomorrow and Wednesday.
Off to the dollar store to get some supplies :)

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy 4th

Yes, Happy 4th to our American friends....

and hurray - a nice day here! Probably because Mother Nature knows I have to leave tomorrow :)... Oh well. We took big advantage of the great weather today...
We took Mozart to the Beach!

He was a little unsure of the whole water thing... but loved sniffing and "prancing" his way down the beach saying hi to the other dogs and looking so proud!

The waves were coming in and Em got right in them. Mozart's reaction was priceless. I have the BEST video of his first time in the water -- totally didn't think he would go in but he did. I caught a lucky break and was recording cause he didn't do it again! LOL. We don't want to freak the poor thing out. I will upload the video tomorrow when I am at the studio and have access to high speed internet... I think you'll love it.

While at the Beach I collected some items to use for my Dollar Store Club creation... I have more ideas churning in this little brain of mine. I wonder what I will settle on!!

I have GREAT NEWS! While I was away this week the Dog Groomers next door accepted a shipment from one of my suppliers!! MY CANVAS is in!!! Wait until you see what I got!! I'll post pictures this week.... cause I'll be drooling! Simple pleasures... I know *wink*

Have a great Saturday night! I was just "begged" to take the kid and two of her friends to see Transformers at the Drive in ....again.... I am such a sucker! A sucker for the movies at least!

Friday, July 03, 2009

It's gonna be a Dog Gone Good Summer....

How do I know this??
Just take a look at my pooch! Yep. That's my hubby and Mo sunning themselves on the deck earlier today. Yes, proof the sun came out a little bit this week! LOL

I think I will be seeing Mo sprawled out like this most of the summer.

I got busy around the trailer today. I dug trenches to make steps out of old railway ties leading up to our trailer. I mowed the "tufts" of grass on our lot and scrubbed and cleaned our gazebo area too. Phew... no wonder I am tired this evening! I did all that and ... well... you see what the hubby was up to today! lol. At least he helped me move the rail ties when I needed him too.

I am craving something creative. I think I might "play" tomorrow -- with what? I'm not sure. We'll see. :) I may simply prep the Card Cookout for next weekend... or get the final preparations together for the Y Summer Camp this week at the studio.

Ooooo I know what else I did today!! I went shopping in a fabulous little re-sale store that has everything from gaudy trinkets to furniture and antiques, jewelry, books and old papers. Well... I found three fabulous vintage Royal Conservatory of Music sheet music books. I started to salivate. I love music sheets in my collages!! Now I have a fresh supply of some amazing works! I even picked up a couple of frames that I think I will hang in the studio to showcase some cards. I'll show you later as I didn't take a picture of my finds today.

Speaking of the Studio.....
Tomorrow (SATURDAY), Sheri will be in the studio from 11-3. Drop by and say HI. I'll see you next week! Thanks for minding the store, Sher! I appreciate it!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

And the winner is.....

Cause we live in the best country in the world!

Okay, really... drum roll please.....

Thank you to everyone who took the time to take our Canada Day quiz. I love doing little things like this so be sure to keep an eye on our blog for other little contests, news, technique instructions and CHA happenings. Yep -- I am going to the Craft and Hobby Association trade show at the end of the month. I am soooo excited!

Anyway - 12 of you got the answers CORRECT :)

The answers were:

D - Canada is 142

D - John A. Macdonald was our first PM

C - A.A Milne not Canadian

D- O Canada became official in 1980

B- Niagara Falls in located between Ontario and Erie

D- Roll up the Rim started 1986

C- Malaria killed most Rideau canal workers

C- National Parks 40 (there are 3 National Reserves too)

D- Six time zones

C- Longest river is Mackenzie

I assigned our winners a number between 1 and 12 and then ran those numbers through the random integer generator. Our winner is:

Here are your random numbers: 8
Timestamp: 2009-07-02 17:05:46 UTC

Congratulations Amanda! I will send something out to you next week when I am in the studio for the Y Camp. Look for it in the mail then.
Thanks again to all who played.
I will blog again tomorrow.... and just may sneak peak some of the cards for our Next Card Cookout - July 11 (11:30 - 2pm)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Hello Bloggers! Happy Canada Day to us all!!

It is a drizzly day here but, no matter the weather, I hope you all do a little something to celebrate today. Perhaps even do this little Go Scrapping Canada Day Quiz! :)

I compiled 10 questions about Canada (and Canadians) from different sites throughout the internet put them together here for a fun little Canada Day activity.

I will send a RAK ( little scrappy gift) to the person with the most answers correct. If there are more than one person with the most correct answers, I will draw a name randomly to see who gets the RAK.

Post your answers in the comment section below. I will accept entries until tomorrow (July 2) at noon after which I will post the answers and the name of the winner.
Good Luck and HAVE FUN! Happy Canada Day!


  1. How old is Canada (as of today: July 1, 2009)?
    a- 123
    b- 192
    c- 78
    d- 142
  2. Who was Canada's First Prime Minister?
    a- Wilfred Laurier
    b- Alexander Mackenzie
    c- Louis Riel
    d- John A MacDonald
  3. Which of the following authors is NOT Canadian:
    a- Margaret Atwood
    b- W.O. Mitchell
    c- A.A. Milne
    d- Mordecai Richler
  4. When was O'Canada proclaimed our National Anthem?
    a- 1897
    b- 1960
    c- 1935
    d- 1980
  5. The Niagara Falls are located between which two great lakes?
    a- Superier and Huron
    b- Ontario and Erie
    c- Huron and Erie
    d-Huron and Michigan
  6. What year did Tim Hortons introduce the Roll-up-the-Rim
    a- 1980
    b- 1977
    c- 1990
    d- 1986
  7. Hundreds of workers died in the Creation of the Rideau Canal. What killed most of them?
    a- Food Poisoning
    b- Cave-ins
    c- Malaria
    d- Cholera
  8. How many National Parks are there in Canada?
    a- 110
    b- 53
    c- 40
    d- 74
  9. How many time zones are there in Canada?
    a- 3
    b- 4
    c- 5
    d- 6
  10. What is the Longest River in Canada?
    a- Red River
    b- St. Lawrence River
    c- Mackenzie River
    d- Fraser River